Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Petar Šalić

I am Petar Šalić and I am a painter.
My favorite activity is crawling through the bushes and swamps. At that moment my only giude is my "jungle nose". I choose untouched paths on a purpouse. Sometimes at the end of such walks I stumble upon elfen ponds where human leg didnt cross for a long time. Such places carry very special atmosphere which does not hold the same natural laws as elsewhere. Animals are not scared and flowers grow as a carpet.

Through my painting I search for that same feeling. I change compositional elements and tones of the colours until I start to recognize such places on my paintings. I am carefull not to be tehnically perfect but more as an untrained child. I want my paintings evoke positive feelings and therfore I do not start to paint until I feel the same.

In my backyard I watch birds and wild animals since it is acually part of the natures preserve. There are diferent kind of animals: squirrels, wild rabbits, pheasants,wild boars, fawns, tomcats, bears, wolfs and snakes.
Some of the birds are falcons, storks, kingfishers and very extremely rare golden vuga.

Last year was a big transition to me as I moved from capital of Croatia, Zagreb to the small village in the countryside where I renovate old homestead with a help of my family. I plan to transform the barn into a big studio for painting and sculpting and hold an international artistic workshops where many artist will come to enjoy inspiration of nature as I do.

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